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all things small business is dedicated to all topics around the small business service provider world and the things impacting small business in their digital world.

about the author

My name is Martin Schmidt, I am born and raised in Germany and I am still living there.  I am married, father of two boys and a home owner. I am interested in clean/green tech, artificial intelligence, smart home and of course small businesses.

My contact with small businesses started about 20 years ago when I was designing websites for local firms. Later I commenced my professional career as product manager for small business tools and have worked in this field ever since. In the last five years I have moved to business development and have initiated numerous research projects to shed more light on small businesses.

My current employers (for the last 10 years) is 1&1, the largest European and third largest webhosting company in the world.


All opinions expressed here -if not stated otherwise-  are my personal opinions and do not reflect the opinion of my employer.

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